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With Destiny’s Sword, we wanted to provide an incredibly immersive role-playing experience – every detail from story to art to gameplay is woven together to make a grand tapestry.

The key to the Destiny’s Sword experience is our proprietary Insight Engine.  The Insight Engine is responsible for the psychological simulation of all of our in-game characters.  It breathes live into each character, giving them a unique personality, backstory and life history. Read More

Healthier by Design

(note, this blog was transcribed from a talk given by Ken Hall and Ramin Shokrizade at Nordic Game 2019 in Sweden)

Whether we like it or not, video games are a force in today’s world and they’re influencing generations.  

Games can be vehicles of positive social change – just look at some of the stories on Scott Jones’ podcast: Heavily Pixelated, about how games have positively influenced (and in some cases saved) people’s lives.  Scott also wrote an incredibly moving article on his own interactions with games entitled How Video Games Saved my Life.Read More

Exploring Mental Health as Gameplay

Since we announced Destiny’s Sword (original blog post hosted over at MassivelyOP), we’ve received a lot of questions from the community about why we have such a strong emphasis on mental health. While not the singular focus of the game, the effect that the more visceral gameplay elements have on characters is an important one and provides players with a unique take on the “typical” MMO experience.

Why Focus on Mental Health in a Combat Game?

Early in his development career, Destiny’s Sword creative director Ken Hall created the award-winning historical flight sim, B-17 Flying Fortress : The Mighty 8th. Part of Ken’s role on the project was to liaise with the veterans and research their experiences. It became obvious early on that most of the books and films about the war experience only talked about the few seconds per mission when the crews were pulling the triggers. They were not exploring how the men kept themselves and each other going in a foreign theatre for years on end, or how they got back onto the aircraft after getting wounded, or losing their friends.Read More

What Is Destiny’s Sword?

At the heart of the Galactic Hegemony’s power lies the rare mineral, Lucidium.  

Facilitating jumps between star systems, it enables the corporations to flourish and the government to control. But the core worlds’ reserves of Lucidium are dwindling, and one outer world, rich in this valuable resource, is catching the eye of the galaxy’s rulers.  

Cypris, once a remote paradise, is now caught in the crosshairs between the government and the corporations, an unwilling pawn in their struggle for ascendency.

Destiny’s Sword is a sci-fi strategy/combat MMORPG, but it comes with a unique twist that is unlike any other seen in the genre before. Instead of focusing on crunching numbers to achieve dominance, players in Destiny’s Sword will manage their characters’ physical and mental health throughout their combat careers.  Destiny’s Sword will be the first MMO to feature a realistic portrayal of mental health issues, highlighting the long-term consequences of conflict.Read More

Depicting Mental Health in Destiny’s Sword

Riad Byne, founder of Spartan Wellness talks with Ken about the long term consequences of combat.

Spartan Wellness is a network of Veterans, Physicians, Specialists and support teams dedicated to helping Veterans care for themselves and their families.

Videolog – Meet Ramin!

Meet Ramin Shokrizade, Destiny’s Sword’s metagame designer!

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